Disaster Restoration in Jackson, MS

As one of the iconic cities of the southern United States, Jackson, MS, has a long history of industry growth, richness in culture, and community identity. The city proper of Jackson, MS, was founded in 1821, dubbed after American general and later U.S. president, Andrew Jackson. The roots of Jackson rest deeply in the growth of American soul music genres such as blues, gospel, and jazz, but the 107 square miles of Jackson, MS, hold a wide variety of industries, small businesses, neighborhoods, art centers, college campuses, and historical districts. ServiceMaster Restoration by Wallace is committed to serving this diverse cityscape, providing professional disaster restoration in Jackson, MS.

As the capital of Mississippi and a major city in the southern U.S., Jackson is home to businesses and residential buildings of all shapes and sizes. However, disasters are not selective in the damage they can do. Whether natural, accidental, or criminal, disasters can be severely detrimental without professional restoration help during the recovery process.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Wallace is committed to providing emergency restoration services with our 24/7/365 response hotline, including all the following:

All of our restoration teams are trained in the latest procedures and technology. Our services are designed to provide complete recovery to homes and businesses throughout Jackson, MS.

Jackson, MS, is home to a number of historical buildings and sites. Unfortunately, these cherished landmarks are vulnerable to a variety of disasters. Whether it be smoke damage from a fire, or water damage from a flood, the professionals at ServiceMaster Restoration by Wallace are specially trained to restore these historical sites, preserving Jackson’s rich history.

With its long and colorful past and current industrial and cultural identity, many consider Jackson to be national gem and true southern town. Maintaining the visual, historical, and functional quality of Jackson’s residential and commercial buildings is a job best done by an expert. For any damage done to Jackson homes and businesses, ServiceMaster Restoration by Wallace provides professional disaster restoration. Contact us today for services in Jackson, MS, and call us at (601) 823-9124, or email us at ccwclean@hotmail.com.  

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