Dealing with Water Damage Restoration in Hattiesburg, MS, Easily with ServiceMaster by Wallace

If you live in the Hattiesburg, MS, area, you're well aware of the flood damage that can occur due to the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico. There are several bodies of water in the area of southwestern Mississippi, and many business and homeowners have suffered from water damage and natural disasters more than a time or two. If your home or business is flooded, water damage restoration services are required to ensure the integrity of your property. When you need immediate and comprehensive water damage restoration services, regardless of the cause, ServiceMaster by Wallace is here to help.

Dealing with water damage is never fun. That’s why it's best to leave the cleanup to the experts. From the removal of standing water to the drying of property and belongings, we know just how to deal with water damage. Our technicians in Hattiesburg, MS, are readily available to handle any type of water damage cleanup to ensure your property is fully restored.

 Negative Effects of Water Damage

Water damage takes many forms in Mississippi, from severe flooding to excess humidity. The negative effects to a structure exposed to water include damage to materials such as flooring and walls, plus mold growth, rot, and corrosion. Our certified technicians have expertise in all levels of water damage cleanup and restoration to help you as quickly as possible.

 What Services are Provided?

We provide a full array of quality services to ensure your home or business receives the cleaning and restoration care it requires. This includes a complete assessment of the water damage along with a plan of action for restoration. Pack out and board up services are provided when needed. Water is extracted from the building, and a dehydration and dehumidification process is implemented. Damaged belongings are documented and inventoried, and affected areas are cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized. Temporary power and climate control is provided if needed.

ServiceMaster by Wallace can provide essential water damage restoration services when flooding of any type damages your home or business. Contact our office today at (601) 823-9124.

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