How Does Fire Damage Your Home? Learn How Fire Damage Restoration Services by ServiceMaster

When a fire occurs in the home, it is devastating. Not only do you lose your possessions, but your home can also be destroyed. For most homeowners, the damage they expect from a fire is due to the actual fire. However, you also have to deal with other types of damage such as water and smoke. Specialists in fire damage restoration in Brookhaven, MS, can provide service options to help restore your home and possessions after a devastating fire.

As the homeowner, it’s important to learn how fire can damage your home. When you know what to expect, you can take immediate action and contact restoration services to get the ball rolling and try to restore your home and belongings.

Fire Damage

Of course, we all know that the home will be damaged due to the actual fire. The flames can reach high temperatures that will melt and burn the flooring, walls, ceiling, and more. If the fire is put out in time, many areas can be restored to bring your home back to its original state.

Smoke and Soot Damage

As the fire burns in your home, the smoke and soot can cause damage as well. Soot leaves behind a black powder-like substance that will cover every surface of the home. With smoke, you have a smell that can be hard to remove. With fire damage restoration, deodorizers are used to remove the odor from your Brookhaven, MS, home. Smoke and soot can be removed but it must be done with expert care.

Water Damage

When a fire takes place in your home, the fire department will use water to put out the fire. This can also cause damage in the home. Water can soak into the flooring, walls, and your personal belongings. You will need water removal or other specialized cleaning methods to remove the water after the fire has been put out.

At ServiceMaster by Wallace, we understand how your home can be affected by fire damage in many ways. When a fire happens in your home, contact our office at (601) 823-9124 immediately so that our experts can get to work and begin the restoration process for your home.

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