How Should Fire Damage Restoration in Brookhaven, MS, Be Handled? ServiceMaster by Wallace Shares

If you’ve never experienced fire damage in your home, you most likely have no idea what happens during fire damage restoration. As a homeowner, it’s important to know how such restoration services should be handled so you can hire the experts to help you transform your home back to its original state. A home that is subjected to fire damage will require proper cleanup to remove the ash, soot, and water that will damage the items and components that make up the home. The fire causes damage but you also have to deal with the chemicals and water that were used to extinguish the fire.

An average person would try to use conventional methods of cleaning to remove the water damage, soot, and smoke odors from the home. Steam cleaning or common cleaning products will not work to restore your Brookhaven, MS, home. Such attempts will barely impact the damage caused by the fire in your home. Many chemical agents can actually cause permanent damage to your home by reacting with residue from the fire. Our fire damage cleanup services ensure that your home can be restored, ensuring that you have a safe and inviting place to live.

Our qualified technicians will provide help the moment we set foot on your property. We’ll begin with an emergency damage assessment and cleanup, providing pack out and board up service options when needed. A plan of action will be created and temporary power and climate control will be offered as needed. Water and major debris will be extracted from your Brookhaven, MS, home, with the remaining damaged assessed and cleaned.

Soot and smoke odors will be removed from the home and a deodorization and sanitization process will be performed. Reconstruction plans will be created and put into action along with construction cleanup once the project is complete. At ServiceMaster by Wallace, we will work hard to ensure that your home is taken care of after a fire takes place. Our team can take the stress of the event from you and quickly get to work so you can see your home fully restored as quickly as possible. Contact us at (601) 823-9124 for more information.

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