How the Experts Handle Fire Damage Restoration in Hattiesburg, MS, Including ServiceMaster

When fire affects your home, you may feel at a loss as to what to do. Where do you turn to try and restore your home? Experts in fire damage restoration in Hattiesburg, MS, can offer you the quality services needed to see your possessions restored as well as your actual home. By working with the experts, the home will be assessed and a cleanup plan created to fully restore your home.

What to Expect

Experts in fire damage restoration in Hattiesburg, MS, have the experience needed to restore possessions and the home, including flooring, drywall, furnishings, etc. By knowing the processes needed to restore the home, you can let the experts handle the process, allowing you to see your home back to normal in no time.

The first process of fire damage restoration is emergency damage assessment and cleanup. Pack out services and board up is provided when necessary as well a secondary damage assessment to begin the overall restoration of the home. A plan of action is created with temporary power provided as well as climate control when needed. When water damage is present, water extraction and major debris cleanup are also provided.

Water damage will also require dehydration and dehumidification processes completed within the property. Damaged property is removed and cleaned up as well as smoke and soot removal when needed. Reconstruction and construction cleanup are also provided as your home is restored to its former state.

Whether your home is affected by a fire in one area of the home or several rooms, our experts at ServiceMaster by Wallace can provide quality restoration service for your home. Once the property has been assessed a plan of action will be created to ensure that your home is restored for use. We provide numerous service options so that you can worry less about your home and have a place to come back to once the property has been restored.

To find out more about our fire damage restoration services or to contact our team for assistance, call us at (601) 823-9124. We’re happy to help with any fire damage that occurs in your Hattiesburg, MS, home.

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