Immediate Damage is Only the Beginning: Learn More About How Fire Damages the Home in Brookhaven

In southwestern Mississippi, structural fires in homes and businesses are quite common and reported on an almost daily basis. The destruction is harmful to families and business owners as well as communities. The immediate damage is only the beginning and without professional fire damage restoration, the damage will be long term. Care for your Brookhaven, MS, home by hiring the experts when a fire takes place.

How Fire Can Affect Your Property

When most people think of fire, they imagine the flames burning areas of the home. While this does happen, it’s just one way that fire can affect your property. The flames burn items in the home as well as structural components. The structural integrity of the home can be at risk as well as poor indoor air quality, etc. Smoke, soot, and fire, along with the water used to put out the flames, will affect the home overall in a negative manner.

Each of these areas must be addressed in order for your home to be fully restored after a fire takes place. Fire damage restoration for your Brookhaven, MS, home is essential if you want the home to function as it should without issues in the future.

Process of Restoration

With fire damage restoration services provided by the professionals, the first step is to assess and clean up your Brookhaven, MS, home. Pack out and board up options are offered when necessary and then a secondary assessment completed. A plan of action is then created with temporary power and climate control provided when necessary. Water and debris are extracted from the home at this point with dehumidification processes started to ensure no moisture remains in the home.

Smoke and soot removal is completed along with deodorization and sanitization of the home. All aspects are considered so that you aren’t affected by a repair need down the road.

At ServiceMaster by Wallace, your home is cared for after a fire with professional service from the experts. When fire affects your home, contact the office immediately at (601) 823-9124 to begin the restoration process as quickly as possible.

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