Let ServiceMaster by Wallace Save Your Home with Fire Damage Restoration in Jackson, MS


A fire in the home is a common occurrence in Jackson, MS, and something that no homeowner wishes to face. When a fire occurs in the home it's devastating, and your entire family is affected. Your home and belongings are damaged, and you have no idea what to do. With our professional disaster restoration services, we can ensure that your home will be cared for. Without proper assistance, your home can be damaged beyond the initial flames. Let our team provide you with quality fire damage restoration services for your Jackson, MS, home.


How Your Property is Affected

Fire can affect your property is many ways. From the flames, immediate combustion and burning takes place. The integrity of your home may be in question, as well as indoor air quality, and the interior of the home as a whole, long after the fire has been put out. As the experts in fire damage, we have the ability to recognize exactly what services your home needs, and we can immediately begin the restoration process.


After the fire, your home is subject to lingering odors, stains from smoke and soot, as well as discoloration of walls, floors, and ceilings. Electrical systems can be damaged, plumbing compromised, ventilation components contaminated, mold growth may occur, and more. Your home needs professional service to ensure every area is cared for effectively after the fire.


What We Provide

When you contact our Jackson, MS, company for fire damage assistance, we provide full-service options. We will dispatch a team of technicians, create an emergency damage assessment, and cleanup the property. Our techs can pack out your items and board up the property if needed. A secondary damage assessment can be provided along with mapping out a plan of action for your home. We have the ability to provide temporary power as well as climate control when needed. Our services also include extracting water and debris, dehydration, and dehumidification of the property.


When a fire affects your home, never hesitate to contact the team at ServiceMaster by Wallace. Reach us by telephone at (601) 823-9124 for more information.

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