Odor Removal is an Essential Part of Fire Damage Restoration in Brookhaven, MS, With ServiceMaster

When a fire occurs, there is going to be smoke, and a lot of it. Most homeowners worry about fire damaging the home and while fire is a major cause of damage to belongings and the structure of the home when it occurs, it can be put out. Smoke, however, lingers around the home causing more damage than you might think. It is essential that any home affected by a fire be provided with fire damage restoration services to ensure the smoke odor is removed along with other damage taken care of.

Smoke Damage

When a fire occurs in the home, smoke builds up and causes an odor. Smoke inhalation can do great harm during a fire, even causing death. When the fire is extinguished, the particles that create smoke are spread throughout the home, landing on every surface. These particles are very small and hard to detect which means they are difficult to remove. You will need expert assistance to ensure that your Brookhaven, MS, home is odor free.

How to Remove Smoke Odor

Part of fire damage restoration in Brookhaven, MS, is to remove the smoke odor in the home. Neutralizing products and deodorizing methods will need to be used to remove the smoke fully from the home. Counteractants work to remove the smoke issue and revive your home to its natural state.

It is essential that professional fire damage restoration services are provided in your home so that smoke odor and other fire damage issues are cared for in a quick and precise manner. Working with an expert team of professionals will ensure that the home returns to normal in no time.

At ServiceMaster by Wallace, we make every effort to restore your home to its former state. Smoke odors are removed, belongings salvaged, and the home cleaned of fire damage and water damage due to the extinguishing of the flames. We work hard so you can live comfortably in your home once again. To learn more about our fire damage restoration options, contact our office today at (601) 823-9124.

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