Recovering From Flood Waters: Learn How Water Damage Restoration in Jackson, MS, by ServiceMaster

When water is spilled in the home it’s easy to clean up. Homeowners simply use a paper towel or bath towel depending on how big the mess is. But what do you do when your home is subject to flooding? A towel won’t clean up this mess and many homeowners begin to feel overwhelmed at the idea of trying to remove standing water from the home, plus what to do once the water is removed. Thankfully, water damage restoration services in Jackson, MS, can help.

Water Damage in the Home

Homes can be damaged by water in a number of ways. Plumbing pipes can burst and lead to flooding in the walls or certain rooms of the home. Natural disasters can occur such as storms or heavy rains which can lead to flooding in the lower levels of the home, particularly basement areas. Whatever the case may be, you want to act quickly in order to see your home suffer the least amount of damage. Most homeowners are unprepared to remove large amounts of water from the home. With water damage restoration services, your Jackson, MS, home can be cleaned and restored to its former state quickly.

Water Removal and Restoration

The process of restoration first begins with an inspection and water removal. The technicians on site will determine the issue and create a plan of action. The water will be removed using commercial equipment and then the drying process started. No moisture can be left behind after the home has been affected by flooding. This can mean taking out drywall, flooring, etc. All wet components must be removed and the space dried and deodorized so that no moisture remains. When moisture is left in the home, mold, and mildew can occur which leads to even more water damage restoration needs in your Jackson, MS, property.

When your home is affected by water, contact the restoration experts. At ServiceMaster by Wallace, quick response times and quality services are provided to ensure that your home is restored as it should be in a timely manner. Contact the office today at (601) 823-9124 for further assistance.

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