Revive Your Home After a Disaster With Water Damage Restoration in Hattiesburg, MS

Homeowners strive to do all they can to have a clean and comfortable home. However, disaster can strike at any time, leaving homeowners with major problems, including damage and destruction. Water damage is a common issue that takes place in the home, be it from plumbing issues, sewage problems, or a natural disaster. When your home is subject to water damage you may feel that all is lost; but it doesn’t have to be that way. With water damage restoration services in Hattiesburg, MS, you have the ability to see the damage reversed and your home and belongings fully restored.

How Can Water Damage the Home?

There are many ways in which water can be damaging to the home. Plumbing problems can occur which can lead to flooding in the walls, along the floor, or even in the ceiling. A natural disaster can also occur and lead to flooded basements or other areas of the home. Additionally, sewage systems can back up and lead to water damage as well as raw sewage in the home. Whatever the case may be, water damage restoration services offered in Hattiesburg, MS can help.

Restoration Assistance

With restoration services, the water issue in the home is assessed and a plan of action created. The water will be removed from the home with our dehydration and dehumidification processes to ensure no moisture remains. The water is then completely extracted and damaged belongings are documented and inventoried. Deodorization and sterilization are applied to the affected areas and climate control and temporary power offered when needed.

 All areas of the home are inspected so that water doesn’t remain and the home is returned back to normal. This can include the removal of flooring and drywall with repairs made to help the home return to its normal state.

At ServiceMaster by Wallace, only the best restoration services are offered to all clients. Your home will be restored to its former state, with no water left on the premises once the team is finished with the cleanup. When your home is affected by water damage, give our restoration experts a call at (601) 823-9124 for immediate assistance.

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