Save Your Home After Flooding With Water Damage Restoration in Hattiesburg

It’s not uncommon for homes located in the southwestern portion of Mississippi to be affected by water. Due to the location between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River, homes can be affected by flooding from lakes, rivers, and even reservoirs that can easily cause water damage to the home. If you’re affected by such damage, it’s time to call in the experts who can provide water damage restoration for your Hattiesburg, MS, home.

Water Damage Takes on Many Forms

Severe flooding is just one of the many ways in which water can damage the home. No matter the cause, water has the same negative effects when it enters your dwelling. Unwelcome moisture can cause mold and mildew as well as rotting, not to mention the destruction of flooring, drywall, ceilings, and furnishings. A professional water damage cleanup crew knows how to remove the water from the home and begin the drying process.

Water damage can cause instant damage as well as delayed issues. When water enters the home, saturation can cause materials like the flooring, drywall, and ceiling to deteriorate. Over time, water in the home can cause mold and mildew growth. Overall, you don’t want water in the home for an extended period of time or even a short period of time as it can lead to significant damage.

Restoration Cleanup

When the water damage restoration process begins within your Hattiesburg, MS, home, the first step is to assess the damage. Once reviewed, the restorative plan of action will be created. Any packing of belongings will be completed along with boarding up the home when needed. The water is extracted and then the dehydration and dehumidification process begins. Affected areas are also sterilized and deodorized to ensure no mold or mildew growth in the future.

When the proper steps are followed, water damage restoration can easily help your Hattiesburg, MS, home get back to normal in no time. At ServiceMaster by Wallace, you can ensure water damage will be taken care of the right way so that you can return to your home in no time with no signs of damage. Contact the office anytime water enters your home at (601) 823-9124.

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