Top 3 Ways Water Damage Can Affect Your Home in Brookhaven, MS

If you've never experienced water damage in your home, you may be unaware as to how you can be affected. Water damage can occur in a variety of ways, from busted plumbing pipes to a flooded basement due to heavy rains. When water enters your home, it can instantly cause damage. Below is a rundown of the top three ways water can damage your home and a simple guide to understand why water damage restoration for your Brookhaven, MS, home is a must!

 Structural Damaged

Depending on the amount of water that enters your home, you'll most likely have some type of structural damage. If the water is due to a plumbing issue, you may have damage in the walls, ceiling, flooring, carpeting, and subflooring. These components may need to be removed for the restoration process to take place. Any standing water will need to be removed before the damaged materials can be removed and replaced.

 Damaged Furnishings/Personal Belongings

Because your home is filled with furniture and personal items, these belongings can also be damaged due to water. During the assessment phase, your belongings, including furniture, will be thoroughly inspected to determine what can be cleaned and restored and what needs to be thrown away. Our water damage restoration experts in Brookhaven, MS, have vast experience and easily know what we can save to help you hold on to damaged belongings and furnishings.

 Mold and Mildew

When standing water or excessive moisture is allowed to stay in your home, mold and mildew growth can occur. Water damage must be handled quickly to prevent such issues in the home. Mold and mildew can quickly spread when water damage takes place. With our service options we're easily able to remove standing water and use drying plus dehumidification techniques to remove the water and moisture from the home to ensure you're not affected by such dangers as mold and mildew.

 ServiceMaster by Wallace is prepared to help you with any water damage your home may suffer. Contact us immediately when you're in need of restoration services at (601) 823-9124.


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