Understanding the Importance of Assessment for Water Damage Restoration in Jackson, MS

Water damage can occur in the home due to a variety of reasons. Most commonly, water damage occurs when a pipe bursts or a weather occurrence causes water to enter the home. No matter the cause behind the water damage, the initial damage assessment is essential to the wellbeing of the home. Water in the home can lead to mold and mildew, which in turn can lead to pricey repairs and renovations. With a quality assessment of the water damage to your Jackson, MS, home, water damage restoration will be effective in repairing your home back to its previous state, without damage occurring in the future.

 How Does Water Damage the Home?

If you've never experienced water in the home before, you may be wondering how it can cause damage. There are several ways that water can affect the home. To begin, water can soak into carpeting, flooring, walls, and ceilings. When this happens, floor boards become weak and can become a hazard if too much moisture is present. Moisture also leads to mold and mildew which can be a health hazard as well as destroy the natural components of your home including walls and flooring.

 This is why assessing the water damage of your home is so important. Our team of professionals will arrive on the scene in a timely manner and provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the damage. A plan of action will then be created to ensure the water damage restoration process for your Jackson, MS, home is a success.

 Water damage can lead to delayed symptoms if missed during the initial assessment. Water saturation can damage materials from the moment the home is exposed. After an extended period of time, materials are subject to mold growth, rot, and corrosion.

 Have your home completely taken care of by using our water damage cleanup services. ServiceMaster by Wallace offers complete restoration of your home, including damage repair along with cleaning and packing of belongings. Contact our office anytime your home is subject to water damage at (601) 823-9124 for immediate assistance. 


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