Why You Should Avoid DIY Water Damage Restoration in Brookhaven, MS, With ServiceMaster by Wallace

When water damage occurs in the home, you may be tempted to try to solve the issue yourself. From burst plumbing pipes to flooding in the basement due to heavy rains, your home can be subject to water damage for a variety of reasons. When water damage occurs in the home, it’s best to leave the restoration efforts to the experts. Without experience in the field, you may do more harm than good and end up with significant damage to your home that will cost a great deal of time and effort to repair. Water damage restoration services in Brookhaven, MS, can ensure that your home is restored with minimal damage.


Water Removal

When water is present in the home, it must be removed. Trying to remove the water by yourself can be tricky. Water removal experts have industrial strength tools that can remove massive amounts of water. All water must be removed from the home to ensure that no mold or mildew is allowed to grow. It’s also important in order to prevent any damage from occurring on surfaces due to existing water. As the homeowner, you may not have the tools to get the job done. Water damage restoration experts in Brookhaven, MS, have what it takes to remove all the water so that no further damage happens to your home.



On top of water removal, the room must be dried out. The dehumidification process removes all moisture from the space to ensure that no water is present. Think about a wet washcloth. If a wet washcloth is allowed to sit, still wet, for days, it begins to smell. This is due to mold and mildew. The washcloth must be washed and dried to remove the smell. The same should be done to the home. The contaminated water must be removed from the space and the area must be dried to ensure that the home is fresh and clean.

The experts in water damage restoration know just what to do when it comes to restoring your home. When you’re in need of water damage assistance, contact the experts at ServiceMaster by Wallace. Call (601) 268-6050 to learn more about water damage services or to schedule assistance.

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